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What’s a CCP?

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Glad you asked. Indeed, what is a CUSTOM CARTOON PORTRAIT? It’s a hand drawn cartoon version of you, drawn by me.

Have you ever wanted to be a super hero, a pirate, or a mermaid? Or simpler yet, have you ever wanted to be a cartoon? Well, now is your chance my friend. Mark Harmon Illustration is bringing your wildest fantasies to life. You give me a picture of you, I give you a cartoon of yourself dressed like anything you want. (except for crazy dominatrix stuff. Not gonna happen, sorry)

So, what does it look like?

Q: Is it like one of those caricature things you get at a theme park where they distort your face and put it on a tiny body?

A: Gross. No. This is a fresh perspective on the cartoon portrait.

Q: Is it like those things you get on Facebook that just applies a Photoshop filter to my face to make it look like a line drawing?

A: Again, gross. No.

Q: So, what is it then?

A: Let me show you.

Q: So, it’s a fresh perspective on the cartoon portrait?

A: Exactly.

Q: Can I get one?

A: You betcha. Just click on CONTACT up top there and we’ll get you started.

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